Rental Return Instructions

How to return your rental book:

You may return your book rental to Textbook Solutions in one of two ways:

1. Return by using a pre-paid UPS label to ship to Textbook Solutions
  a. Create Return: Sign in to your Textbook Solutions account. Click on "Rental Book Status" and all of your unreturned rentals will appear. Select the check boxes for the rental that you wish to return.
  b. Print the Return Order Receipt
  c. Print Label: Then click the "Return Selected Books" button to generate a pre-paid UPS shipping label. Return shipping is free when you use the UPS shipping label provided.
  d. Package Book: Securely package the books (don't forget the order receipt!) and place the pre-paid UPS shipping label on the exterior of the package.
  i. Packaging Tips
  1. You can use any type of box or package, but make sure the books will not shift and get damaged during transport (using packing material for cushioning if necessary).
  2. Make sure the package is securely sealed.
  3. Ensure all previous labels are covered or marked out with a heavy marker (to prevent the shipper from accidentally scanning the wrong label).
  4. Include the Return Order Receipt.
  5. You are responsible to ensure the book arrives in good condition.
  e. Ship: Drop the package off at your nearest UPS authorized carrier.
2. Return to a Textbook Solutions store nearest you and drop off your book rental.

Please return the books to the store you rented them from.