Does renting save me money?
Yes! Renting your books can save you 50% – 80% and up to 95%.
Why are you guys so cool?
We are nerds that have a PhD in cool. Ask about our textbooks on coolness.
Can I pick up my rentals in-store?
You can have a textbook shipped directly to any of our locations currently in Texas and Florida. Click here to find a store.
Selling your textbooks
Textbook Solutions has the best buyback prices for books. Click on the “Sell Books” tab, type in your 10 or 13 digit ISBN and we’ll quote you a buyback price.
Does Textbook Solutions ship directly to me?
Occasionally we can get you a better price if we ship from one of our supply sources. Packing lists and return instructions from independent suppliers should be ignored. We’ll email you instructions on returning your rentals to Textbook Solutions.
How do I ship my books?
See shipping details.
How do I change my password?
Click on My Account and edit profile.
What's up with the frog?
Frogs are usually green and money is usually green. We like frogs and we like saving you money. See what we did there? Well… at least we tried.
Are there fees for turning in my rental late?
For more information on all our rental terms and conditions, click here.
How long before my book arrives?
We understand getting your book as quickly as possible is important to you. At most it takes us 1-2 business days to process your order, and 1-8 business days for your book to arrive, depending on your method of shipping. You will be able to track your package as soon as it is shipped.
Do I pay for shipping?
We will cover the shipping cost for orders that are over $50 before tax. We offer both standard and expedited shipping options. Click here for more information on shipping details.
What if my dog chewed up my rental book?
Click here for our rental Terms & Conditions.
Do your prices change?
Rental prices are subject to change due to availability and market value. To get the quoted price you must check out within the same session that you received the price.